Update 1.016 Rilasciato

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Update 1.016 Rilasciato

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Uscito il nuovo update ( 280Mb)

Questa volta al termine dell'installazione verrà richiesto di aggiornare le DIRECT X

Un pò di immagini della nuova "bestiolina", il bombardiere Handley Page 400:



Dear Rise of Flight project customers!

We are happy to inform you that we have completed our work on the next update of our project and now version 1.016 will be ready for you to update and play in 14:00 UTC.

This version is a very important milestone in the evolution of 'Rise of Flight' as it contains many new technologies and improvements which we have developed for you during the last six months. And now that we are ready to bring to your attention these changes we sincerely hope that you will enjoy the results of our hard work.

The main feature of version 1.016 is a set of technologies which have been developed to create different multi-engined and multi-seater aircraft models of the WW1 time period. Version 1.016 also contains the first crewed representative of this new (for us) section of our Great War simulation. We introduce <fanfare> the much-anticipated British heavy bomber of 1918, the Handley Page 0/400. This aircraft is a real giant: its wingspan is over 30 metres with more than 6 tons of takeoff weight, its crew includes 3 gunners in addition to the pilot-commander. The bomber can carry up to 16 112lb bombs- or alternatively it can carry one huge 1650lb bomb which is able to ruin a whole town quarter with one hit. Flying the Handley Page 0/400 you may take the role of the pilot, bombardier, nose gunner, tail gunner or belly gunner. In multiplayer mode it is possible for other players to join your bomber crew as gunners. The Handley Page 0/400 is already available in our store and you may purchase it for your own account or as a gift for your friends.

One more very important feature of version 1.016 is a substantial 'Rise of Flight' graphics system update, which includes numerous new improvements in rendering quality and to realism. With these improvements you will see for yourself the more realistic terrain close-up views (rough terrain), improved night-time views, an improved sun, improvements to aircraft materials (environmental shaders) and many other improvements to the game's graphics.

In addition, along with this version 1.016 release, Volume 4 of the Community Skins Packs will be available to use in the Mods OFF game mode. In total new Skins Packs provides you with 407 new aircraft paint schemes.

The 'Rise of Flight' development team hopes that this new milestone version will draw you closer into the immersive world of WW1 France, we very much hope that you will enjoy the fruits of our labours and that you will be happy with the result of our efforts.

Features list of version 1.016

1. Handley Page 0/400 was added
2. Bomb sight was added
3. New player-controlled turrets in single player mode
4. Multiplayer-controlled turrets with ammo and health inheritance (from last player-gunner)
5. Flare direction now depends on the pilot's direction of sight
6. Community Historical Skins Pack (vol.4) was approved
7. Community Fictional Skins Pack (vol.4) was approved
8. Official skins pack was updated to v.1.016

9. Point lights: lights from fires, flares, vehicles' headlights and explosions are now dynamically lighting up the terrain, water, objects and smoke
10. All trucks, staff cars and trains now have headlights
11. Terrain 3D micro-detail (parallax-mapping technology)
12. Cube-map based reflections on planes [a cube map includes the object's environment: reflecting the terrain, water, sky and clouds, these reflections are dynamic, look for high-reflective planes, 'glints')
13. Cube-map based ambient lighting: objects can now be lit by lights from different directions simultaneously, and so all objects (planes above all) look much more embedded in the scene, more naturalistic)
14. Advanced sun glow
15. Improved sun glare
16. Color correction post-processing shader (look for the High Contrast option in Settings)
17. Improved haze
18. HDR effect adjustments (high dynamic range lighting)
19. Advanced gamma correction (if your screen is too dark for example, do not forget to adjust gamma correction)
20. Cloud shadows (for terrain and objects)
21. Moving clouds (these are driven by the wind in the mission, don't forget that clouds are large objects and you will need to use time acceleration or a high wind speed setting in order to see scudding clouds)
22. Gamma-Correction: this setting is now available in Windowed mode, but is not available when Post Effects are turned OFF
23. Cockpit lighting on the Handley Page 0/400 (this lighting may be seen in darkness)
24. Navigation lights on the Handley Page 0/400
25. New 'big bombs explosions' effects

26. Cockpit view (turret cockpit too) now tracks more slowly when zoomed in (when controlled by mouse)
27. New cockpit view smooth setting in Settings->Cameras (x10 setting also helps to avoid TrackIR + MSFFB2 stutters)

28. Engine fire may now be extinguished by diving + side-slipping
29. Pilot and aircrew now do not die immediately upon entering water, but they will be slightly injured
30. Ammunition weight and drag are now affecting aircraft dynamics

31. Simple gauges now support multi-engined aircraft (showing the engines selection, and all engines parameters)
32. Hand gauges (compass, clock) and engine controls positions indicator now may be displayed by RCtrl+I when the Simple gauges option is off
33. Simple gauges positions now may be customised and reset by a double-click
34. Simple gauges now store their on/off condition between missions, this switch was added to the Widget menu
35. An 'Aircraft Reference' section in the main menu

36. Player-Gunners now add to the 'Quorum' in CTF game mode
37. Player-controlled plane turrets now affect the flag capturing balance in the same way as separate fighters (so if I'm in an HP400 and I'm alone near the flag - you need at least 5 fighters to outweigh the flag-capturing numbers on your side)
38. Pup and Triplane, new scenery missions
39. Pup and Triplane, updated existing scenery missions
40. Mods On/Off warning in the Settings dialog

Change list of version 1.016

1. HDR at night was corrected
2. Inferno-White smokes when they're in the overcast layer was corrected
3. Flashing black graphics (but GUI visible) bug was corrected
4. Buggy moon and stars reflection in water at night were corrected
5. Common shadows providing opposite-direction shadows from muzzle flashes was corrected
6. Coloured cloud particles (while flying through cloud in bright time of day) were corrected
7. Shadows quality was improved
8. "Black stripes" on planes while camera range is intermediate were removed for "Common: High" shadows setting, this was not done for "Common: Medium" shadows setting to safe your performance.
9. Mission loading screen airplanes images resolution was reduced to to save additional memory for mission

10. Pilot to-death time in a fighter when on fire was increased slightly
11. Plane fuel explosion possibility when the engine is on fire was tuned
12. Magnetos animation was corrected
13. Oil pressure indicators physics was improved

14. Skin selection storing in multiplayer now works correctly
15. Coalitions filter in dogfight statistics was corrected
16. Input options in single mission Hangar/Briefing now works correctly
17. ESC button causing erratic behaviour while loading a dogfight mission (sometimes causing a return to the main menu and awards display rather than to the DF screens) is now fixed
18. Dogfight briefing map now is not stuck when Flying Out
19. Neutral coalition now is not displayed in DF coalitions list
20. Altitude Throttle axis now may be tested in Options->Responses dialog

21. Tall trees lower part collisions were corrected
22. Un-localised option names in SPA, FRA, GER localisations of Graphics Settings were localised
23. Used memory calculation for shadows setting was corrected

New controls:
Please delete your existing input profiles, select input profile, press DEFAULT button: after that you may customise your new profile. Default assignments of new 1.016 controls are:

LCtrl+C: go to next combat station when you're the plane owner
LShift+C: switch between MG positions in one station
T: Take/Drop turret rotation control (TrackIR works only if turret controls are dropped)
LShift+T: Gunsight view (turret)
LShift+Mouse: Gunsight view scrolling
TrackIR: Gunsight view scrolling
LShift+NP_5: Gunsight view reset to gunsight
R: Reload turret MGs
Mouse Wheel Button: Reload turret MGs
SPACE: Fire turret MGs
Mouse Left Button: Fire turret MGs
V: Bombsight on/off (it's also trying to turn on AutoLevel on engagement)
LShift+X/Z: AutoLevel course correction (hold while you want to correct your course)
F: Fire red flare
LShift+F: Fire green flare
LCtrl+F: Fire yellow flare
LAlt+F: Fire white flare
E: Turn on/off selected engines
RCtrl+1: engine 1 turn on/off
RCtrl+2: engine 2 turn on/off
RCtrl+3: engine 3 turn on/off
RCtrl+4: engine 4 turn on/off
1: Select/Deselect engine 1 for controlling
2: Select/Deselect engine 2 for controlling
3: Select/Deselect engine 3 for controlling
4: Select/Deselect engine 4 for controlling
0: Select/Deselect common engines controlling mode (it keeps the deltas/changes which were set before in single engine control mode)
Also, you may to map your input devices axis or buttons to separate engine controls like

Engine 1/2/3/4 throttle
Engine 1/2/3/4 altitude throttle
Engine 1/2/3/4 mixture
Engine 1/2/3/4 radiator


1.015 and older Flight Records are obsolete in 1.016 version (the format was changed due to implementation of Bomber-related technologies). To have the option to playback your old records - make a copy of the 1.015 version (BEFORE updating it to 1.016) and use this copy in OFFLINE game mode to watch your older records.
New cube-map lighting and reflections are available only at MAXIMUM reflections setting
New Terrain 3D micro-detail is available only at MAXIMUM shaders setting
To compare performance in 1.015 and in 1.016 in the SAME conditions don't use MAXIMUM shaders and reflections, instead use MEDIUM shadows setting and set Lights to = 0 (because these are new features)
While updating to version 1.016 you will be asked to update your DirectX version. Please do NOT cancel this DirectX update, on any computer it's a must!
Links for downloading the Skins Packs http://riseofflight.com/en/community/usefulmaterials