Update 1.018

IL simulatore di volo della Prima Guerra Mondiale
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Update 1.018

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Appena pubblicata la versione 1.018

Features list of version 1.018

1. DFW C.V German multipurpose plane is now available for player controlling

(è un biposto tedesco da osservazione e bombardamento)

2. Night graphics have become more real, now it is much darker on standart graphics settings, HDR now not affecting at Night, Gamma correction range was reduced
3. Community Historical Skins Pack vol.6 was approved
4. Community Fictional Skins Pack vol.6 was approved
5. Official Skins Pack ver.1.018 was approved

Other changes list of version 1.018

1. Trucks and Trains now always falling when trying to cross demolished bridgesection
2. Handley Page 0/400 nose gunner animations were corrected, now it is not disappearing when rotating camera aside of him
3. MG Fire/Reload input commands manes were corrected (left/right were replaced by 1st/2nd)
4. Quick Mission now generates moonlit nights