Update Version 1.021b

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Update Version 1.021b

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Dear Pilot,

We have prepared a small update (Version 1.021b) for you. After the release of version 1.021 some users were enthusiastic about this release because of improved stability and an increase in speed of the graphics, but then some users, to the contrary, reported serious problems. We immediately began to figure out what could be so good for some and so bad for others. As it turned out, some optimizations designed for nVidia cards caused stuttering problems for ATI (AMD) video cards. We had to find a compromise solution. We believe that version 1.021b will remove the problems which have arisen, while leaving performance at a high level.

Pre-Order the R.E.8!

In addition, we have opened the pre-order of the R.E.8 aka “Harry Tate”. This early British aircraft will make the career mode even more fun and will help to create some more varied custom missions. You may notice though that we are opening the pre-order a little earlier than usual. Modeling of the plane is still in progress, but after the shorter than usual pre-order period of the SPAD 7, many of our users asked to extend the time when the aircraft is available at a discount.
Corrections of the S.E.5a

We are releasing the first of a series of performance corrections to existing aircraft, of which there has been much talk on the forums. Despite the fact that the S.E.5a was one of the early planes produced by us, we have come back to it and reviewed its performance. We say thanks to all who helped us find detailed information about this legendary plane. Without your help such fine-tuning of the aircraft would be simply impossible, but now we can confidently say that the S.E.5a is one of the most precise mathematical replicas in ROF.