Update 1.022

IL simulatore di volo della Prima Guerra Mondiale
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Update 1.022

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Appena pubblicato l'update in oggetto (314 Mb).

Tra le novità, la possibilità di effettuare le regolazioni secifiche per ogni tipo di aereo direttamente in gioco, l'uscita del nuovo R.E.8 e la correzione del Flight model del Nieuport 17.


Features list version 1.022
1. R.E.8 plane was added (with Skins, Career (4 squads), Missions)
2. Nieuport 17.C1 now have revized FM (stability, agility, maneuverability, speed, climb, construction strenght, anything...)
3. Official Skins Pack ver.1.022 was approved (+20 skins)
4. Community Historical Skins Pack vol.9 was approved (+151 skins)
5. Community Fictional Skins Pack vol.9 was(+249 skins)
6. Oil on Googles effect, it's appearing when palne engine is damaged and running and you're looking on it while you're in pilot view.
7. Remote Server Control protocol was added to DServer, now you're able to control DServer via your own custom application from remote computer, also we have added an example Control-Console to make your own Control-Application progremming easier

8. All game options which were presented in launcher tool - now are available in Game GUI
9. GUI hotkeys like Map, Icons, Gauges now can be mapped like any other input command
10. "Slight Response Curves" were added, now you're able to make a curve by operating with only 1-2 points.
11. Response curves basic presets were added.
12. Response curve shift up/down feature was added
13. Input system was re-designed, read warning on first game start cearfully. Now you may assign individual response curves for each plane separately or use common curve, by your wish

14. Cinematic Camera Effect feature was added

Change list of version 1.022
1. When MODS are ON the binary (.msnbin) mission have more priority to load now (Career and QuickMission loading time are the same in Mods On and Off now)
2. Skin previews in Skinpacks were switched from .JPG to .DDS to save your memory and to reduce quantity of "OUT_OF_MEMORY" errors

3. Measurement system switch will apply without mission restart now
4. Gauges and map are draging below Settings window when I'm operating with settings controls
5. Bristol now have unique bombsight mask
6. Map disapearing when Nav Icons are off - fixed

7. Kills without squad and ranks of Albatros D.IIlt in Spetember 1916 were fixed
8. Incorrect skins on player squad planes were fixed
9. Nieuport 17.C1 AI planes skin bug (skin from other plane) was fixed
10. Merged Planes Spawns were fixed
11. SPA3 error of spawn area in 2nd half of 1917 was fixed
12. Fokker Dr.I now is taking a part in sorties together with Albatros D.Va when the date is less than 1918
13. Reported problematic locations of trains were fixed, should be no de-railing now
14. Ground Attack now requires to destroy 50% of column, now the whole column
15. Filter by Plane on Career creating - planes order now is correct (Germans->Frenchs->Britishs, like in Quick Mission)
16. Airfield selection zone on Career creating was fixed
17. AI Bristols flights which you will meet on your way will have their loadouts which will correspond to their mission
18. Skins were attached to Nieuport 11.C1 in N31, N26, N103

19. Joystick Axis which were assigned with key-modifier now is working properly (it's keeping last adjusted position when you have released modifier)
20. Kill Notifications are not fully hided when option is off on server

Notes of 1.022
1. Please be sure, that you have installed "Skins *.jpg to *.dds thumbnails conversion pack", in case if you don't - skin thumbnails will not be shown in skin lists.
2. Don't take in mind the themperature indication on the simple gauges of the Nieuport 17.C1 - his engine have redisigned themperature ballance and simple gauges indication will collaborate with it correctly only in 1.023, together with Nieuport 11.C1 FM fix.
3. Russian, Spanish, German, French localizations for the new GUI elements is to be added in upcoming updates.

Nieuport 17
The plane turned out interesting, with a character that was different than before, but now it has some special characteristics. Good response to inputs, sharp, nimble, agile, but at the same time possessing a sharp breakdown when you drag the handle. It’s able to work in small areas. For takeoff and landing a piglet size runway of 50-60 meters is enough! It has a high thrust-weight ratio. Immediately after take-off Nieuport 17 can perform a spectacular climb, reaching its maximum altitude at a speed less than 100kph. A large area of the rudder and elevators are in a powerful stream of the propeller wash. N.17 pilots can experience fantastic pirouettes in the air at extremely low speeds, but when combined with the unpredictability of the aircraft near the stall envelope requires some skill. Personally, I liked to pilot the new Nieuport 17, once you touch it, it leaves an impression of a daring thoroughbred horse and if you speak its language then you'll be surprised at what you can accomplish with it. It's a real fighter. I'm sure many of you will like it and you'll get real pleasure from flying on this remarkable airplane."