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Mitraglieri e affini

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Originally Posted by 1lokos

"And finally, if the bomber made vertical movements above of 5m/s the guns locks... "

Solol1 you have mentioned this many times and it has finally sunk in what you mean by it! I started to doing tests to confirm what you have been saying and it works like a charm with both gunning for yourself or having someone else gun for you.

Your gun positions will fire if you are in a climb, dive, or transitioning in between if the climb/dive rate is under 5 m/s.

If you are in a climb/dive at a rate above 5 m/s, even if you are not pulling any g's, your guns will not fire.

You can test this for yourself by first flying straight and level, jump in a gunner position and verify they will fire. Next climb at a steady 4 m/s and test again (still will fire). Then climb at a steady 6 m/s and they will not fire. Drop back down to a steady 3 or 4 m/s climb and they should start firing again.

So bombers if you want to gun for yourself or have someone else gun for you, make sure you are flying in the narrow envelope of keeping your climbs and dives shallow, kicking some rudder doesn't seem to affect it though.

Thanks to Keller and Catseye (unwittenly) for helping me test this.

S! Sokol1

Interessante da sapere, forse è per questo che qualche volta "sembra" che non sparino....